10 Different Types of Resume Formats

Luisella EndrizziJanuary 31, 2016
resume formats
In general, there are two resume formats job seekers can use when they are composing their own resume: Reverse-chronological and functional formats. There are many resume formats examples for each of them, so you can use them to provide a clear idea of how one is different from the other one. The reverse-chronological is one […]

10 The Best Resume Formatto Use

Luisella EndrizziJanuary 31, 2016
best resume format
Choosing the best resume format to use when you are composing your own will likely depend on some factors and conditions. In general, there are two resume formats: Reverse-chronological and functional. The best resume format examples for each of them can be accessed and downloaded for free to use as your guide. The most popular […]

How to Write a Resume Effectively

Luisella EndrizziJanuary 7, 2016
how to write a simple resume MEDIUM
Knowing how to write a resume in a proper and right way is always important. This way, you can impress the hiring managers easily, thus landing more interviews and get you hired soon. With resumes are always only scanned, it’s thus important to make an effective one. You can start from formatting your appropriately. For […]

Resume Format and How to Do It Right

Luisella EndrizziJanuary 7, 2016
simple resume format
Proper resume format is important to guide you when writing one from scratch, but you can also use resume format template if it’s more practical for you. Starting from margin, a full inch is always preferred, especially if the resume is printed by the employers. Smaller margin tends to make the resume seem clutter and […]